JavaScript is taking over the world. Node.js is home to an ecosystem where more than a billion packages are downloaded per week.

Running Node.js serverless in your organization brings:
stability (run your code in a cloud with built in multi-data center redundancy);
speed (low latency, reduced cold startup);
elegance (functions in JavaScript are the essential building block, Serverless brings them to scale)
community (no language community has embraced serverless like the JavaScript community);

JavaScript has true first-class functions and, as of EcmaScript 6, true classes. We do our data heavy lifting in a functional style but create APIs that won't offend your object-oriented sensibilities (promise).

Your organization is almost certainly already writing JavaScript. We believe in embracing back-end JavaScript as a solution to real world problems. We also believe you can blur the lines between back-end and front-end JavaScript via isomporhic (universal) JavaScript that runs the same code in both the backend and frontend.

At EPX Labs, we love how easily Node.js fits into a solution that solves real business problems for our clients. JavaScript's ubiquity and Node.js' tooling are unrivaled. Let us be your expert on serverless / API gateway, promises, async / await, linting (static analysis), ES6 / 7, functional JavaScript, unit / integration testing, isomporhic JavaScript, and partner with a group that is closely monitoring the Node.js and JavaScript universe.

Node.js provides our clients with tools that, when combined with the right people, yield great productivity, speed, and stability for the lifetime of their projects.

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